To Speak Out or Not to Speak Out?

I have posted quite a bit on FB in the past couple of days since the decision of the Supreme Court of the United States on June 26, 2015.  I know some people are probably saying, “Tim…give it a rest!”  This post is an attempt to explain my reasons for being vocal.  I hope you will read it with thoughtfulness.

I am passionate about marriage because I believe it to be God-ordained (Genesis 2:24, Matthew 19:5, Ephesians 5:31), I believe it to be the foundation for all civilization (procreation), and a picture of Jesus and His bride, the church (Ephesians 5:25-27).  I have held these views all of my life.  I was raised in a home that espoused these views.  I was raised in a church that espoused these views, interestingly…I was raised in a country that espoused these views.  And when I was old enough to study the Scriptures for myself, I came to the same conclusion and adopted these views as my own.  In my study of not only the Scriptures, but of the history of Western Civilization, I came across the same views which undergirded my decision to adopt these views as my own…confirmation from 2000 years of the history of the West, if you will.

So…when the Supreme Court of the United States, in one fell stroke of the pen, changed the definition of marriage once and for all time in the United States, of course I would be just a little concerned.  After all, as I just stated above, this is one of the foundations that I have believed to the core of my being.  It might surprise some to hear that I would have been open to some sort of compromise in the way of a legitimate “civil union” that the government recognized and afforded some of the same benefits of marriage, but to call that marriage is something that I have to disagree with.

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