My name is Tim Helms.  I was born in Charlotte, NC.  I have lived in 5 different states.  I have been married to an amazing woman for 19 years, I have 4 kids ranging in age from 17 to 7 and I love spending time with all of them!

I am an evangelist, worship leader, producer, video editor, and technology consultant.  I love sports, music, the arts, and media and how all of it works together to show God’s amazing love and power!

I also founded Passionate Life Ministries as a platform to share over 30 years of experience of walking by faith in a world that often shuns living by faith!  My dream is to be able to share with as many as possible the amazing freedom, power, life, peace, adventure, etc. that comes from a personal relationship with the Savior of the world, Jesus Christ!  That is my purpose, my calling, and my dream!  I am burdened with the fact that many, many people are living a day to day existence relying solely on what is either in them or around them.  They have no idea of what living a passionate life is!  The opposite of passionate is apathetic…it’s the same root word and I think many people today are living lives filled with apathy!

So, that is who I am and what I am about.  Besides spending time with my family which I absolutely love to do, I also like to ride motorcycles, read, play all kinds of sports, spend time at the beach, keep up with macrumors.com, and play my guitar!

Passionate Life Ministries and timhelms.com exist to reach this generation with the message and power of Jesus Christ.  Leading people to a deeper walk, a deeper passion, and a desire to serve Him whatever the cost!


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  • Nice to find you on here. We just might be cousins I don’t know. For sure we are brother and sister in Christ. Keep teaching people about His love. God bless.

    • Thanks for the encouragement Alice!! Have a wonderful day!!