Fresh clams and life…wha?

At the crack of down and the peak of low tide, we put on our oldest clothes and shoes and traipsed off toward the boardwalk by the inlet behind the condo where we are staying on Bald Head Island, NC!  I love the salty smell, but this was mixed a bit with that brackish smell…it’s still refreshing at the crack of dawn!  We found our place where we left the boardwalk and, yes, walked through waist-deep water to the other side of the inlet where the clams are the best!!  Walking was very hard due slipping and sliding and the fact that the mud would literally suck your shoes right off of your feet!  We didn’t really know what we were doing but we decided to just dive in, so to speak.

We were told that the clams are just below the surface of the mud by the reeds!!  At first we didn’t really want to dig down in there…we thought we could just find some sort of laying there.  We found several just laying there, but…when we started digging we found a lot of them.  We started using a little shovel, but as we got the hang of it, we just started using our hands.  For a while there, we would just stick our hand in the mud and would hit a clam (fyi, you have to be careful due to the sharp oyster shells).  We eventually finished, after about an hour, with 30 or so fresh clams.  Charity has all the fixins and we are looking forward to our clam bake tonight on Bald Head Island!!

As I was sitting in the mud digging for clams and enduring that smell…I was reminded of Psalm 40.  Verse 2 says, “He lifted me out of the slimy pit, out of the mud and mire; he set my feet on a rock and gave me a firm place to stand.”  Wow, our lives, when we live in our sin, is like wallowing in that brackish, smelly, slimy, nasty, black mud (or whatever it is).  We continually slip and slide in our decision making, we trudge through the consequences of our ignorance and sin, we are lost in a “sea” of endless misdirection and currents of kinds pulling at us.  And, like the mud, sin wants to grab ahold of us and pull us down into it’s mire…eventually drowning us in a mess that we are unable to get out of on our own!

But…Jesus lifts us out of the miry clay, the pit, and puts our feet on solid ground…on the Rock…which is himself!  He gives us a firm place to stand.  He is our rescue, our source, our compass, our lifeboat, our peace, our relief, our life!

Are you slipping and sliding through the mud pits of life?  Are you mired in sin and the consequences that go with it?  Are you tired of slogging your way through all of your decisions and bills and work and the mess that this world offers?  Reach up to Jesus and let him put your feet on solid ground…The Rock…Jesus!

I’d love to hear from you and have your thoughts on the post!  Have a great week!


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