Welcome to the New Site

The purpose of this site is to share the love and message of Jesus Christ!  Most of the websites I have had in the past have been self-hosted Word Press sites.  There is something in the WP world known as the “white screen of death.”  That is what happened to my other site.  No warning, just one day, it went white and there was nothing I could do.  Well..for a particular sum of money the good people at Godaddy will try to fix it, but I figured I would take this opportunity to just start over.  I thought, also, that it was a great time of year to do that.  Spring is a time of new beginnings and although it definitely doesn’t feel like Spring today, it is just around the corner.  It’s also almost Easter…the ultimate new beginning.  Jesus came and died on the cross so that we could live and have eternal life.  He also came to make us new creations in Him.  If you don’t know Him today, what better time to reach out to Him and invite Him into your life…He will change you and make you a new creation.

So, that is my latest update on the site.  The old is gone, the new has come.  May that be true in your life as well!

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