Political Correctness Taken to it’s Log…er…Illogical Conclusion!

I read the Breakpoint commentary almost everyday! I loved hearing from Chuck Colson on the issues that were impacting culture, politics, faith, etc. Back in 2010 he predicted something that I read yesterday. John Stonestreet, one of the writers of Breakpoint since Colson’s passing this past April, wrote in yesterday’s Breakpoint commentary about an instance of political correctness run amok!! (Click here if you would like to read or listen to it in it’s entirety).

In the commentary, John shares with us that there is a move in academic circles on the college and university campus to regulate and implement policies that would require student groups to allow anyone—regardless of beliefs or behavior—to obtain group membership and seek leadership positions. This is being done so that Christian groups would have a hard time holding this policy and thus there would be grounds to remove them from campus. I find it ironic, however, that they must not have thought their logic through very well…since, under this new policy, the same is true for the vegetarian society group that also meets on campus…they would have to allow the “steak lovers society” to infiltrate their ranks and pursue leadership positions. As John states in the commentary, “such regulations would theoretically force a university chapter of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), to allow…fur enthusiasts into their ranks and leadership. This may not sound like such a big deal, until you realize that even a small cohort of these “fur-draped carnivores” could tip the membership scales and vote the group into extinction.”

This is clearly illogical at all levels and the fact that this is being dreamt up at the university level…at the level that is supposed to be the most “well-educated” among us, is startling at best and diabolical at worst. It simply makes no sense. I could try to explain it for hours, but here is what Greg Jao, national field director of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, said…he called this reasoning “illogical, and a little bizarre.” He went on to sum up it’s uber politically correct fallacy in one sentence, “Groups can only exist,” he says, “if their leaders can affirm the reason for that group’s existence.” My children could understand this!

Such a simple statement, one that is the foundation of our free society, one that is strongly supported by both the Constitution of the United States and the Declaration of Independence and yet seems to escape those that are the “most educated” among us…wow…what is going on in America!

Please do your part to stand up for the truths that you believe in. The only way any of this changes is from people leading the changes. After all, it’s people leading THESE changes!

Please comment…even if you disagree…I love a good debate!



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