What are you waiting for?

In Acts 22 Paul retells the story of his incredible encounter with Jesus on the road to Damascus.  This isn’t when it happened…this is Paul speaking to a crowd of people in Jerusalem just after his arrest retelling what happened.  He is sharing his story with the people…I love the details that he includes.  First he relates to them “as one of them.”  He tells them that he was just like them…he was/is one of them.  He talks about his past and the fact that he used to persecute the followers of “the way.”

He then tells them that he was on his way to the city of Damascus in order to bring back the Christians to Jerusalem as prisoners, but something amazing happened to him on the way there…he encountered Jesus!  Out of the blue, Jesus showed up in Paul’s life and spoke to him…wow!

He asks him, “why are you persecuting me.”  Interestingly, Jesus had already died and risen again so Paul wasn’t persecuting Jesus directly.  This tells me that Jesus has our backs…you mess with me…you’ve messed with Jesus!  That’s cool!

But the thing that really hits me about this passage is the fact that Paul includes a question that Ananias asks him in verse 16.  He says, “And now what are you waiting for?  Get up, be baptized and wash your sins away, calling on His name.”  It’s a very simple question…what are you waiting for?  Simple, but great.  God has already done all of the work of salvation in Christ!  So, what are you waiting for?

Are you waiting for:

  • the stars to align?
  • to get your life cleaned up first?
  • your oats to be sown?
  • your ship to come in?
  • for resources
  • for the writing on the wall

What?  It seems we spend a lot of time waiting on God.  If I were to ask you, “what are you waiting on God for” you could probably come up with a list of prayer requests or things that you are waiting on God for.   But I think a more powerful question is, “What is God waiting on YOU for?”  What have you been holding back from Him?  What have you not surrendered to the King?  Has He been calling you and you have been making a list of things that must happen before you will answer and go?  What about faith?  Is God not capable enough to you to handle the details?  Is He not reliable or trustworthy?  I think He is, but we will never know it unless we experience it…

So my thought for you today is this:  Are you waiting on God or is God waiting on you?

I’d love to hear from you and have your thoughts on the post!  Have a great week!


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